• Activities


Carriage rides

Explore the beauty of the pine forests on a horse-drawn carriage ride! Sway through the sound of the horses jingling and prancing as you ride through lush forests and magical landscapes.

Horse-drawn sleigh rides

Experience the thrill of a horse-drawn sleigh ride as you listen to the crunch of fresh snow under the sleigh, the tinkle of horse bells, and sipping hot tea or mulled wine.

Bear Watching

At Bear Watching you can watch brown bears in their natural habitat, as well as other wild animals including deer, roe deer, and wild boar. You can also capture them on camera. It is a must for animal lovers.

Relax and SPA

After your adventures, your body is starving for relaxation. After a long and active day, pamper yourself in the saltwater tub and sauna, which are set up in the middle of nature. Regardless of the season you can relax and recharge in nature.

Indoor activities

Don’t feel like being outdoors? It is okay, get out the chess, or play table tennis, football indoors at the accommodation.


Hiking in the mountains

Bucin is the perfect place to take a good hike in the surrounding nature. As you set out to explore this area, you’ll be captivated by beautiful landscapes and dreamlike sunsets. Also remember to pack your hiking supplies, including appropriate boots, a map, and a few necessities in case the weather unexpectedly changes.

Ski resort

On the ski slope opposite our cottage, you can enjoy winter sports, like skiing or snowboarding.

Snow sledging

Snow sledding is an exciting activity that will test your courage and sense of adventure if you’re seeking for extra fun that will raise your blood pressure.

Grill terrace

There’s no better way to end a busy day than with a relaxing barbecue outdoors. Our barbecue deck is the perfect place to do just that.