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Our story

The idea for the cottages was born in my carpentry workshop. I started getting more and more orders from the Bucin and Borzont regions. When I visited the location, I was astounded to discover that it was the ideal escape from the rush of daily life.

Immediately, I started to play with the idea. I saw myself relaxing on a seat in front of a wooden cottage, breathing in the crisp air, savoring the complete stillness, and taking in the unmatched view of the mountains that surround the Gherogheni Basin.

This image fascinated me, and I decided to build a warm, friendly place in Borzont and Bucin, two locations gifted with stunning natural resources, where people may spend amazing moments, leave with genuinely lasting memories, and come often with joy.

That`s how I brought to life the triangular or A-shaped wooden houses born from the fusion of my love of wood and my passion for unique solutions. These fairy-tale houses, which combine both contemporary and traditional elements, seamlessly integrate into the mountainous setting, offering a true haven for nature lovers tired of the city noise.

Also, to ensure that you find yourself in a traditional and authentic mountain hut, my team and I have taken great care to ensure that the furniture and furnishings of the huts reflect this authenticity.

Whichever location you choose, you can be sure to find something special and all the facilities and entertainment you need to spend an unforgettable time with your family or friends.

Unplugged from a weekday overcrowded with activities and commitments, here you will find fresh mountain air, tranquility, breathtaking scenery, and secret elements that will ensure that guests staying here will be fully recharged.
Want a truly relaxing holiday? Total relaxation awaits you in our fairytale cottages!